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If you're never heard of MKA Cabinet and Design, you'd be surprised to know that they are an award-winning wood-based cabinet and wardrobe design solution. However, before there was MKA Cabinet and Design Sdn Bhd, there was only MKA Cabinet. So what were the origins of MKA's design since its entry into the industry 4 years ago?
The owner of MKA, Mr. CK, was originally a passionate and skilled craftsman who takes pride in creating quality cabinets that function well and look decent. For over 30 years he has honed his skills and worked with some of the best interior designers in Malaysia and Singapore to bring their vision of fantastic cabinetry alive through his skilled craftsmanship and a sharp eye for detail.
It was only when Mr. CK came along with her flair for design and eye for aesthetics did MKA Cabinet and Design was born. Incorporating their own in-house design team, MKA has since been able to marry the needs of their customers not just in quality craftsmanship, but in pleasantly functional cabinets and wardrobes that boast great design. This mix of great skill and art has led to MKA, creating some of the best residential and commercial interiors. Interiors so beautiful they have been featured in various magazines, influencers and interior design websites and magazines.


To offer unmatched design, craftsmanship and convenience to our customers to help them breathe life into their interior design vision.


To be the preferred choice when it comes to all custom cabinets and various interior craftsmanship across Malaysia.

Why Choose Us

Built-In Customer Satisfaction

You can’t be an award-winning company without knowing how to treat your customers right. MKA offers a special refurbish promotion for all clients every 3 years under their customer relationship management program. Customers can enjoy great value in effectively having a brand new home every 3 years with the refurbishment program.

Customised For Every Customer

Instead of relying on conventional one size fits all interior packages, MKA offers its customers a customised program. Start with a budget and choose to focus your money on where it matters the most, be it on the quality, design or speed craftsmanship and delivery of the cabinets and spaces. Our years of experience has allowed us to offer the customers the best payment options that match their specific requirements and needs for their interiors.

Award-Winning Designs

Don’t have a clue on where to start? Let MKA’s designers provide you with an array of award-winning inspired themes for you to choose. Our professional designers curate these thematic designs to serve as a platform to draw inspiration or perhaps be a template for your interior designs. Whether you're looking for built-in TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinet, or other specialized storage solutions, MKA will be sure to provide a variety of savvy and trendy designs that will make you fall in love with your interiors at first sight.

MKA received Asia Honesty Enterprise Award 2018

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