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Cabinets can take up a huge visual space within your home or business premises, you’d want to make sure they are able to fit perfectly and last a long time. Hence, it is important to consider factors such as usage, design, and personal preferences when choosing cabinet materials. Regardless of your choice though, MKA Cabinet has the ideal cabinet material ready for you!


Melamine is a popular cabinet material among homeowners because of its affordable value.
4G class door is a great cabinet material in a variety of home styles.
4G Glass Door
Plywood is one of the best cabinet material used by manufacturer.
Plywood Laminate with Blackboard
WPC hybrid foam board is a cabinet material used by manufacturer.
WPC Hybrid Foam Board
Acrylic is a popular cabinet material in malaysia.
Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet
Solid plywood is one of the cabinet materials for crafting furniture.
Solid Plywood Shaker Door


Is healthy and sustainable living a top priority for you and your family? If so, choosing cabinetry crafted from E1 certified boards will be your ideal go-to solution. Every board used in the cabinet's construction adheres to the strict formaldehyde emission standards set by European regulatory authorities, guaranteeing the utmost safety for your household every single day.



Low emissions
Provides you complete peace of mind regarding harmful chemical emissions within your home.
Comes in many types
Since E1 is just a certification on the wooden material, you can find E1 certified solid and softwood materials depending on your needs.


Compromised by water
Wood being wood, the material can still be compromised when exposed to water for prolonged periods.
Material certified and made to be compliant to E1 will incur a larger cost.


These boards can come in various types, with the two most common materials being plywood and melamine. For those looking for a more colorful and vibrant setting while keeping costs controlled, a melamine E1 cabinet would suit your needs well. For those looking to splurge or create a more traditional atmosphere, we do suggest looking for E1 plywood cabinets. These cabinets can either be framed or frameless depending on the rest of your interior setup.


Looking for an affordable and moisture resistant cabinet solution? Melamine cabinets are the go-to choice for homeowners and designers looking for an easy-to-maintain yet durable cabinet finish. These cabinets are made by layering decorative paper onto a substrate, such as moisture-resistant particle boards, and then coating it on both sides with resin.



Melamine is relatively cheap to create, resulting in lower prices compared to solid wood or plywood.
Melamine cabinets demand little attention from owners. Regular wiping with a damp cloth will be sufficient to keep it in shape.
Wide range of styling
Available in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find a style that fits right into your home and commecial cabinets!
Moisture and heat resistant
Being able to resist the elements, including water resistant properties, making it suitable for use in both home and commercial kitchens and bathrooms.


Not the most durable
While it can last a long time, it is nowhere near as durable as solid wood and plywood.
Poor repairability
Due to the nature of the resin, if the cabinet does get damaged, it can be hard to repair or refinish the surface.
Not customisable
While they do come in a variety of styles, they offer little to no customisation beyond that.
May chip or scratch
Over time, as part of wear and tear, melamine cabinets may be susceptible to chipping and scratching on the surface.

Melamine Styling

You’ll find an extensive selection of moisture-resistant cabinets in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it easy to find a style that fits your home decor. Both framed and frameless cabinet variations are available while there is every finishing you can imagine available! Explore different finishes, from sleek blonde wood for a Scandinavian vibe to white and chrome for a contemporary touch. With endless possibilities, create your desired modern interior with these stylish and moisture-resistant cabinets.

4G Glass Door Cabinets

Look no further minimalists as 4G glass is the choice material for those looking to imbue minimalism into their house designs. 4G glass door is a direct upgrade over its 3G counterpart; the aluminum door frame is thinner and hidden from the front to give your cabinets a seamless edge.



Resistant to Scratch and Moisture
The tempered glass used during assembly is highly scratch resistant for long-term durability.
All it takes is regular wiping to keep the cabinet clean. You can even use soap to remove accumulated grease.
Visually Pleasing
4G glass doors are often used for their high-gloss appearance, providing a sleek and modern look while also providing an air of sophistication and elegance in your household.
Frameless Style
The glass doors can be made to be completely frameless for a modern and chic style.


Being made of glass, the edges of the cabinets may be sharper than other materials.
Costly price
Generally more expensive compared to other materials such as melamine.
Expensive to repair
If the glass on it shatters, you could be looking at a hefty bill to get a replacement.
The glass surface could reflect light and increase glare if placed directly near a lightsource.


The trend for 4G glass doors is to provide a seamless and minimalist theme for your home. These cabinets are usually sporting a “frameless” look meaning that the glass expands all the way to the edges, providing a truly uniform finish for your house cabinets. Color wise is more limited as it is generally a single pane of colored glass, though you can opt to have these glass wrapped in many different designs.

Plywood Laminated Blackboard

Combine the best of both worlds with a plywood laminated blackboard cabinet! Sporting layers of real plywood that is laminated onto the blackboard, you can have the feel of solid wood at the cabinet door while maintaining a durable softwood blackboard for the interiors. Truly a balance of cost and strength.



Resistant to Scratch and Moisture
The surface is made of real plywood, it is highly scratch resistant and resistant to abrasion and moisture.
Value For Money
With the plywood Veneer finish, you can reap the benefits of plywood without the hefty cost associated with full plywood cabinets.
Plywood veneers can come in various shades and textures to match any interior!


Since two different types of wood have to be laminated together, the color and texture consistency will not match up perfectly.
More costly than others
While the cost is not as high as a full plywood cabinet, it can still set you back more than cheaper melamine cabinets.
Requires Polishing
Solid wood can lose its gleen over time and would require polishing to make it look its best.


Looking to enhance the sophistication of your home? Plywood laminated blackboard cabinets offer the feel and look of solid wood to add extra class wherever you decide to place these cabinets. You can look for a darker frameless plywood cabinet if you are trying to create a modern interior or go for lighter shades to provide a sense of airiness.

Acrylic Cabinets

The go-to cabinets for those looking to create a modern or contemporary home, due in part to the acrylic's sleek and minimalistic look. They are typically made from a single piece of acrylic or multiple pieces that are joined together with adhesive. Some acrylic cabinets have metal or wood accents to add to their visual flair.



Does not chip and shatter easily
Acrylic can have the glossy finish of glass without the fragility as it simply does not shatter as easily as glass.
Easy to Clean
All you need is to wipe it down with a wet cloth and some mild soup. Due to the glossy surface, dust and oil should slide right off!
Known for their high-gloss finish, offers a sleek and modern appearance and comes in a variety of different colors and shades.


More costly than others
It is more expensive than other cabinets as the material costs a premium to produce.
Difficult to replace
You would need to replace the whole acrylic piece if it is damaged
Less durable than solid wood
These cabinets can last a long time, but still fall short of the pure durability of solid wood.

Acrylic Cabinet Styles

These vibrant cabinets come in all manners of different colors. What you opt for will depend on the space you intend to put the cabinet in. If it is a compact space, opt for brighter colors or even a pure white cabinet. On the other hand, if the open space has a lot of natural lighting, you can choose a warmer shade to compliment the lighting.

Aluminum Cabinets

With their sleek and stylish appearance, aluminum cabinets are a great choice for modern interiors and can add a touch of sophistication to any space. These lightweight yet sturdy cabinets are made from high-quality aluminum and come in a range of sizes and designs to suit different needs and spaces.



Will not bend and warp
Moisture and heat does not weaken aluminum and it can stay pristine over a long period of time.
Termite-Proof Excellence
Naturally constructed from resilient metal, these cabinets stand as a fortress of termite resistance, safeguarding your space with enduring style and impeccable durability.
Aluminum cabinets do not need to be glued together during construction, which means it does not emit harmful substances as time passes.


Limited styling
Aside from spray painting the cabinet, colors and styling can be more limited.
If you end up tapping on aluminum cabinets, it can emit a harsher clanging sound compared to wood.
Knock one of these too hard and just like your car door, you could end up denting them. Small ones can easily be remedied but larger ones would require you to replace

Aluminum Styling

Bare aluminum cabinets may not be the sexiest things in the world, but if you are looking for an industrial and utilitarian theme then they will fit right in. If on the other hand, you prefer something more fancy, aluminum cabinets can be wrapped or spray painted to any color or pattern of your choosing!

Solid Plywood Shaker Door Cabinets

Want something that adds more depth to your interior instead of just plain plywood? Indulge in our range of solid wood cabinets, including shaker door designs, with solid wood frames. Enhance the look and feel of your cabinets with the durability and aesthetic benefits of solid wood, a superior choice for wood products. Reap the timeless elegance and lasting appeal of solid wood throughout your home today!



Strong structure
Being made of solid wood means one of the strongest frames of any cabinet type.
Posh and oriental
Perfect for sprucing up the interior of your home and providing that “expensive” feeling for you to enjoy.
Parts hold together well
Plywood can generally hold nails, screws and other fasteners very well and is also great for holding glued joints together.


Compromised by water
Exposure to water for prolonged periods of time can compromise the strength of wood.
Solid wood does not come cheap and you can expect to pay slightly higher prices compared to other cabinets.
Dense amounts of wood means a heavier weight and stronger nails brackets would be needed to hold the cabinet.

Solid Plywood Shaker Styles

It is worth considering incorporating solid wood elements when looking for a plywood shaker cabinet. Whether you're designing an oriental interior or aiming for a natural wood theme, a plywood cabinet with colors that complement the room can be the perfect choice. Shaker cabinets also have framing on the door of the cabinet to add extra style and depth instead of plain flat cabinet doors. Explore the timeless beauty and versatility of solid wood in your cabinetry selection.

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We spend so much of our time in the comfort of our home and commercial spaces, and little do we realize that cabinetry plays such a huge part in creating our interior ambience. 

Hence, we must choose wisely by considering budget, design preferences, and cabinte material when making a decision to create the perfect home cabinet and commercial cabinet

MKA Cabinet is your trusted partner in creating custom made cabinet that perfectly complement your home and commercial spaces. Our expert craftsmanship and wide range of cabinet materials ensure that you'll find the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal.
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